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Commercial pressure washing is never just for concrete pads and concrete pavements. Pressure washing or power washing is essential for maintaining the cleanliness of different areas of industrial and commercial properties and truck fleets. Where contaminants and stains can accumulate and eventually cause degradation and lower efficiency, power washing can help.

Industries have different needs, and we are experts in applying our expertise to every imaginable power washing need. We can help clean and refresh industrial equipment the same way we can remove tons of mud and grime from hardworking semis.

Power washing is versatile, and it performs at the same high level wherever you apply it. Whether you need construction or industrial equipment cleaned, we have expert methods suitable for every power washing job.

Power washing is one phase of the process – we apply the appropriate cleaning solution depending on the surfaces that need to be cleaned before any power washing takes place. We also examine the condition of the characters to ensure that we will only use the proper pressure during cleaning.

Soft power washing is the mark of a true expert in this field, and we happened to be veterans of power washing. Leave all your worries about grime and stains behind when we begin work in your commercial establishment, factory, or indoor parking lot.


Pressure Washing Industrial Equipment

Manufacturers need all their industrial equipment running at peak performance year-long. Industrial machines naturally accumulate grime, grease, and rust in the worst places, and eventually, these contaminants will ruin the moving parts of industrial equipment.

No matter how big the equipment is, the smaller moving parts will eventually degrade due to use and grime. Downtime can cause catastrophic financial losses, too.

Experts have always recommended employing pressure washers in cleaning industrial equipment. Pressure washers can remove stubborn grime that has formed multiple persistent layers over the months or years.

Remember: grease and grime aren’t just unsightly. These contaminants become friction agents that wear down the machines’ moving parts. Eventually, more serious complications result from the presence of these contaminants.


Pressure Washing Truck Fleets

Semis and other kinds of trucks can accumulate a tremendous amount of dirt and mud. The underside of trucks is most vulnerable to these contaminants, and the only real option for removing these clods of dirt and soil is expertly using a pressure washer.

We are aware of the appropriate process for softening these accumulations so they can be 100% removed from the truck’s underside.

Smudges on the main body of the truck are the easiest – it’s what you don’t see that disintegrates and ruins the frame of lorries. Pressure washing alone won’t work – the right cleaners have to be employed to ensure that accumulated contaminants are entirely removed. Additional steps such as the application of aluminum brighteners may also be used depending on the job at hand.


Pressure Washing Indoor Parking Lots

Indoor parking lots can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Rinsing uses pure water and pressure, and generally, this cleaning method is performed to loosen the dirt and grime from the flooring of the parking lot. Grease and motor oil stains are not addressed at this point yet.

Medium cleaning involves spot cleaning with appropriate degreasing agents. We may also use increased pressure after the spot cleaning to dislodge tougher stains and clods of dirt on the floor. The wand tip is held closer to the ground to deliver more pressure and improve the cleaning rate.

Deep cleaning is the most comprehensive method of cleaning an indoor parking lot. The toughest oil stains are carefully pre-treated, and the wand tip is held closest to the ground – about one to two inches from the surface for the highest pressure possible. Deep cleaning can remove even the most stubborn layers of dirt and stains, and often, you will see dramatic results from the deep cleaning.

Indoor parking lots are critical for the comfort of apartment complex residents or customers in a mall. Poor maintenance and cleaning of an indoor parking lot can result in disgruntled complaints from people – period.

To avoid all these hassles, call us to ask about commercial pressure washing services today.


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