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Both concrete slabs and pavers look amazing when newly installed. However, as the slabs and pavers age, you begin to see that just like the rest of your home, these things are forever, too. These two are the most popular paving materials for different properties, and maintenance is a necessity.

Poured concrete slabs are more popular with residential homeowners because they are super easy to install and are cost-efficient. The further development of stampede concrete has made homeowners select newer designs and textures for their patios and walkways.

Paving bricks or paving stones, on the other hand, are manufactured as individual sections. These can be made from brick, natural stone, or even concrete. Pavers often interlock with one another, creating an almost seamless system that is not just good to look at but is also reasonably durable.


Why Seal Concrete and Pavers?

The primary function of concrete sealers is to provide defense again deicing salts, abrasion from physical impact, oil stains, grease, water, and most importantly, weather exposure.

Concrete sealers also help bring out the natural beauty of the concrete slab or pavers, and in the end, they become much easier to clean, so the sealing benefits everyone.

Each of the steps in the sealing process will have a significant impact on the outcome, so you must work only with a professional paving company to get the best results. DIY concrete sealing will not always yield good results, and you may end up spending more in the end because the results are less than ideal.


The sealing process for concrete can be summarized in several steps:

  1. All dust, dirt, stains, grease, oil, and other common contaminants are first removed from the concrete.
  2. If there is an existing sealer, the old sealer must be removed.
  3. Prepare the concrete slab/paver with an etching solution.
  4. The first application of concrete sealer must be thin and must be applied with an appropriate sprayer or sealer.
  5. Wait for the first layer of the concrete sealer to dry properly.
  6. Apply another coat of concrete sealer in the opposite direction.
  7. Allow the sealer to cure and dry before any activity is allowed on the newly sealed concrete.

Many homeowners attempt to seal their concrete slabs or pavers, not knowing that the process requires specific techniques, and it is never as simple as just applying the sealant. We recommend hiring a professional paving company every few years to perform maintenance on your concrete paver to maintain its appearance and durability. Professional concrete contractors often offer maintenance packages for homeowners and business owners so their pavements can get the proper maintenance every few years.


Should You Seal Your Pavers?

If you want to maintain your pool deck, driveway, walkway, or patio properly, you need to hire a professional paving company to apply paver sealant. Paver sealants make bricks and natural stones as beautiful as the day they were installed on your property.

Many people don’t know that despite the durability of concrete or brick pavers, these paving materials are still porous, and common contaminants like oil can ruin their appearance. Not having your pavements sealed will cause your paving materials to absorb stains like oil and grease, and eventually, the exposure to the elements will cause the pavers to fade, too.

One of the reasons why we don’t recommend that people seal their pavements on their own is the market is flooded with lousy sealing products. Big box stores are not a guarantee that you are getting a good product. Big brands that are good with one type of product like paint do not mean that these brands will deliver just as well in other product categories like pavement sealants.

There are two kinds of sealants for pavers: matte finish sealants and film-forming sealants. Film-forming bonds provide the best results in terms of appearance and protection for your pavers. There are older brands of flat finish sealants that offer the same level of security, but then again, only the experts are completely familiar with these great sealant brands.

Call us today for concrete and pavers sealing services, and let us perform the maintenance that your pool deck, driveway, walkway, or patio deserves. 


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