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Washing and sealing the deck is a critical task if you want to maintain the curb appeal and the house’s perceived value. A dirty deck also makes it less enjoyable to lounge on the deck, and the stains can make your home look more aged.

Therefore, power washing and deck sealing are just as important as other maintenance tasks, like sealing your concrete pavement. Power washing your deck may seem so simple that any teenager can do it, correct? Wrong. To properly restore your deck to its former glory, you will need to invest in the right equipment and tools. Power washing and sealing a deck without the right equipment and knowledge can result in irreparable damage to your deck.

The homeowner’s first challenge is buying the correct power washer, which can be operated at just the proper pressure. It would help if you powered wash your deck at the right pressure level to prevent damage to the wood. Many modern power washers are powerful enough to damage bricks. If you hit your wooden deck with enough pressure, you can end up ruining your deck instead of improving and restoring it. Restoring a deck that’s been accidentally damaged by faulty equipment will be costly, and you can end up paying more in the end.

Guidelines for Power Washing and Sealing Wooden Decks

The safest for wooden cleaning decks is operating at the lowest PSI, between 500-600 psi, especially if you have softer wood installed in your deck. Softwoods like pine and cedar will be damaged at psi levels above 600.

If you have more expensive hardwood installed, you can go up safely to 1200-1500 psi. On top of using the correct power washer and pressure sitting, it also helps to use the correct hose tip. Two tips are best suited for safely cleaning wooden decks – rotating tips and fan tips.

Be extra careful when using rotating tips. Do not point any tip at people or pets, and to be safe, give a rotating tip at least two feet from the deck when you turn on the pressure washer.

Never place the tip of the hose within a foot of the surface of the deck unless you are sure that your pressure washer is operating at a low setting. Pressurized water can easily carve softer wood, and the damage will be visible if you commit this common mistake.


What about sealing your deck?

Decks are always there for you during barbecues, bridge nights, and other memorable events, so you have to be there for your deck too – because it needs a proper sealant to last for many more years. If your deck is newly installed, experts recommend waiting for at least thirty days before having a professional contractor perform the deck sealing for you. The wood has to be dry enough before the sealant is applied. If there is any more beading after this period, then the wood is still too wet, and you have to wait a bit more.

Experts state that wooden decks have to be sealed as soon as the wood is dry enough. Exposing the wood to further ultraviolent radiation and the elements, in general, can result in early damage. Moisture can also break down decks quickly, so it doesn’t matter if your deck is made from hardwood or softwood – it needs to be professionally sealed as soon as possible.

Now, there may be some confusion about the various products that can be applied to wooden decks. Sealants are specialized products that prevent moisture damage and have additional benefits when applied to wood.

Sealants are much thicker than stains, and they do not have any pigments. Sealants are focused on waterproofing wood. Stains, on the other hand, are more effective in blocking the harmful effects of UV rays. Sealants provide some protection against UV rays but try a combination of sealants and stains if you want better results. Some homeowners apply deck paint instead of sealant or stains. The paint deck offers some UV protection but does not waterproof wood, so don’t expect that kind of protection if all you have is patio paint.

For a professional assessment of your wooden deck (as well as your pavement), contact us today.

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