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Having wooden fences is one of the simplest ways to create definite borders or boundaries around a property. The security that wooden fences provide also adds to curb appeal and enhances the perceived value of a home. Cedar is commonly used for fence works around different outdoor structures.

It has an attractive red hue and offers natural resistance to moisture damage, rotting, insect infestation, and warping. Like every other wooden structure exposed to the elements and time, wooden fences eventually lose their natural hue. They will also begin to succumb to changes in temperature and exposure to rain and heat. The individual planks will also become dirty over time, and the natural color will fade.

Don’t let the natural deterioration of wood get you down. Proper care can help preserve your wooden fences, so they all look nice and new over the years.

The proper maintenance of wooden fences, which involves fence pressure washing and sealant application, can help save you from costly repairs and replacements. While all wooden fences are eventually worn down over time, untreated and unsealed wooden walls will deteriorate faster.


What to Expect from Wooden Fences?

Wooden fences eventually rot away, split or otherwise break down from age and other factors. As we mentioned earlier, untreated wood will succumb to natural deterioration more quickly than treated wood. In the first year of your wooden fence’s installation, the wood will gradually dry, and as it dries, there may be some splitting and warping.

The warping and splitting are both standards, and you don’t have to worry about anything, especially if a professional fence company installed your wooden fence for you. Starting on the fifth-year mark, your wooden fence may also begin leaning up to the eighth year. The leaning is also standard, and eventually, your wooden fence will settle as a whole and stop counting. A well-built fence can proudly stand for more than a decade (about 15 years), and even with the natural weathering, it won’t collapse and lean too much.

To slow down the disintegration of the wood, you have to protect the wood as regularly as possible. Staining the wood protects it from UV rays while sealing your wooden fence makes it waterproof.

Your choice of metal hardware will also have an impact on the longevity of your wooden fence. Stainless steel hardware and galvanized steel hardware are best because they won’t rust and help your wooden fence resist warping. Wood turns gray as it is continually exposed to the sun, so you need to have your wooden fence treated with UV inhibitors, too.


Sealing Wooden Fences

Aging and exposure to weather are two of the most significant factors determining the longevity of this wooden construction type. After a few years, you will begin to notice that the wood is starting to split some more, and the slats also start to bow from the moisture. Humidity and humidity took from the ground influence how heavy your wooden fence can become over time.

If you reside in a wet or humid location, where lots rain is expected, know that wooden fences will be damaged more quickly, and reapplication of sealant may be necessary in some cases. According to experts, three weeks’ worth of intermittent rains is enough to damage any wood—UV rays, on the other hand, damage wood differently. UV rays affect the natural glue that binds together the wooden fibers, making the wood weaker and more likely to fall apart. Weakened lumber will be more susceptible to damage over time.

Sealing a wooden fence requires several steps. The first step is preparing the wood and cleaning it of all visible surface contaminants. Wood has to be cleaned because the sealant has to penetrate the wooden fibers to work. The pH of the wood has to be of a certain level, too, and the pores have to be open to allow the solution to penetrate the wood thoroughly. Using a pressure washer on an old wooden fence is dangerous and can cause expensive damage to the wood.


If you need a professional company with long years of experience in repairing, power washing fence, and sealing wooden fences, contact us today for a free inspection and quote.

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