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The drive-through is one of the grimiest areas of a restaurant’s exterior. The accumulation of contaminants here is usually higher than in the restaurant’s front because not a lot of attention is given to the driveway in terms of cleanliness and maintenance.

If you do not have the right equipment at the restaurant and your janitorial staff does not have the skills or experience, you will not get the best results with maintaining and freshening up your driveway.

A monthly power washing is critical if you don’t want your driveway to look dirty and aged. Like the restaurant’s front exterior, the driveway also influences your customers’ impression and expectations about your restaurant. If they have meager expectations even before they come in to order, then your restaurant’s outdoor spaces are likely due to power washing and deep cleaning.

Fortunately, we have long years of experience in power washing all kinds of concrete and pavements, and we use only the best power washing equipment and methods to restore your restaurant’s exterior to its best appearance.


The Benefits of Power Washing Your Drive-Through   

Your drive-through reflects the quality of your restaurant. How people perceive your drive-through eventually influences how they think you run your restaurant. Since motor vehicles regularly pass through your restaurant’s drive-through, expect a substantial amount of deposition and accumulation of common contaminants such as dirt, mud, and oil.

Eventually, the various contaminants end up in your drive by forming a contaminant film that adheres to the pavement. Finally, additional layers of contaminants will form on top of the original layer, and everything becomes sunbaked and harder to remove. What does power washing your drive-through bring into the equation? Below are some of the main benefits.

  1. It pulls and thoroughly removes the stains that prevent your drive-through from looking its best. Power washing has always been effective in eliminating sunbaked dirt and old stains from concrete slabs.

Motor oil is tough to remove without the proper cleaning solutions and power washing machines. We know how to apply just the right amount of water pressure to thoroughly clean pavements. Too much pressure might result in unsightly damage, translating to additional costs in the short term.

  1. Molds, algae, grime – all of these contaminants aren’t just unsightly. They eventually wear away at concrete slabs and all sorts of pavement materials. It doesn’t matter how tough concrete is – Mother Nature will ultimately overcome that durability. The only way to prevent nature from reclaiming your concrete drive-through is by clearing contaminants that can eat away at the concrete.

The process of degradation is prolonged, almost invisible until sufficient damage is done, and you have to spend more just to get things fixed again. So, you have a choice – a monthly power washing of your drive-through or taking a risk and letting Mother Nature do her thing?

Any undesirable greenery on concrete slabs will result in the weakening and cracking of the concrete in time, especially if you live in a city where there is generous humidity and rain. Repairing a concrete drive-through will cost you thousands of dollars annually after the first few years and even more after that. The best approach is to nip the damaged bud as early as possible by power washing your drive-through monthly.

  1. Not many business owners know a correlation between the condition of concrete slabs and the risk of personal accidents in any location. There are cracked and pitted concrete slabs; there are bound to be windows of risk where people might get hurt.

Damaged concrete slabs always present tripping and falling hazards. The same caution applies to the generous amounts of grime and mildew in your drive-through, which may have formed so gradually that no one seemed to have noticed. Both dirt and mildew are very slippery, and sometimes even safety boots that have nonslip features will still fail in the presence of thick grime and moisture.


Suppose you value the cleanliness and safety of your business’ drive-through. In that case, the wisest decision is to entrust the maintenance and power washing to an experienced company that knows concrete inside and out. Call us today for a free quote, and let us restore your drive through to its former glory.

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