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The gas station concrete pad is designed as a durable driveway for motor vehicles, and it is also meant to reduce the risk of polluting the ground below the concrete pad. The number of contaminants and spills on gasoline concrete pads makes it necessary to have the gas station power washed and cleaned regularly and adequately.

On top of removing toxic contaminants from the concrete pad, regular concrete pad cleaning also reduces the risk of injuries and accidents, as concrete pads tend to get slippery with time. Customers and staff of the gas station would be much safer if the definite place is cleaned and restored by professionals.

Concrete pad cleaning involves removing gasoline and diesel stains and any unwanted greenery stuck to the surface of the concrete. Once algae and moss establish on concrete, it can be challenging to maintain the concrete’s surface condition and integrity. Eventually, nature’s invasion will cause cracking and chipping.

Ignoring moss, mold, algae, oil stains, and fuel spills on the concrete pavement can lead to permanent and irreversible damage to the surface of the concrete pad.

Remember: it’s the surface of the concrete pad that serves customers the most, not the rest of the body of the definite place that is invisible from below. Therefore, the concrete surface must be maintained as much as possible, so the concrete pad serves its most important function, making the gas station safe and functional.


Importance of Cleaning the Gas Station Concrete Pad

It’s not at all difficult to imagine how gas station concrete pads deteriorate over time. While gasoline and diesel don’t exactly attack concrete, they are left over after spills, and these contaminants also attract other pollutants, eventually forming layers of grime on the concrete pad.

You can find every type of contaminant on concrete pads, from general, sunbaked dirt from car tires to oil, soot, and gas stains. Due to heavy traffic, it is simply impossible to keep the concrete pad pristine for long. This is where hiring a professional power washing company comes into play.

We need to emphasize that you need to hire the right concrete professionals because not every company is well-versed in the science of power washing concrete with toxic residues like gasoline.

Anyone can operate a power washer, but not everyone can expertly use a power washer alongside cleaning agents to restore the surface of a gas station concrete pad to its former condition. The biggest misconception about power washing concrete pads is that contractors use the brute force of power washers to clean the contaminants.

This is far from what takes place on the ground. The power washer is helpful, but it’s just one part of the process. High pressure won’t work on gasoline stains immediately. Cleaning agents that generally work on aluminum surfaces will do nothing on a concrete pad. It takes long years of continuous exposure to various substantial contaminants to understand how to remove the many layers of grime on concrete.

People who have tried to clean asphalt before may have discovered that cold water somewhat works. Coldwater barely does anything on concrete without pre-cleaning and the application of the correct water pressure. Many other factors might prevent an inexperienced individual from successfully cleaning gasoline station concrete pads.


Experts and Professionals in Cleaning All Types of Concrete Pavements

We are experts in thoroughly and professionally cleaning all types of concrete pavements, including gasoline station concrete pads. We can also help fuel your gas station’s curb appeal to make it even more enticing to new customers.

It’s a proven fact that customers frequent gas stations that are 100% clean, extending to the gas station’s concrete pads. The cleaning needs of a gas station increase twofold or threefold when there is constant heavy traffic

We use the perfect pressure level to clean gas station concrete pads. We can also help with canopy cleaning, dumpster pad cleaning, kiosk cleaning, and improving your parking lot’s appearance (through the proper cleaning methods).

We offer round-the-clock services and the best cleaning techniques and tools to make each job a shining success. We also have dedicated pressure washing technicians who know these machines like the back of their hands.


Never worry about your concrete pads getting damaged by the wrong pressure washer setting, ever.  Give us a call right now and find out how we can make your gas station look like a million bucks again. 


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