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A restaurant’s exterior often requires monthly outdoor power washing to maintain the warm and inviting environment of the business. In the time of Covid-19, cleanliness is everything. People are already worried about going out in public; it is only imperative that companies keep their exteriors as clean as possible to put people’s minds at ease.

It is in your business’s best interest to hire a professional outdoor power washing company that offers a wide variety of monthly, quarterly and annual services to its customers.

We pride ourselves on being top experts in exterior power washing. We power-wash concrete slabs, stone or brick pavers, and even wood. We have intimate knowledge of how power washing can be safely employed to clean and not destroy a restaurant’s exterior.

Many commercial power washers are too powerful to be safe to use on different types of pavement.

Using these power washers without the right experience and knowledge of how various pressure levels affect different materials can cause expensive damage to your restaurant’s exterior. Soft power washing is necessary for many instances.

Monthly power washing not only enhances the aesthetics of your restaurant space but will also keep your customers safe from contaminant build-up, including mud, moss, and molds. Grime can be dangerous in the long term as people can slip on these contaminants.


Why risk having lawsuits because your restaurant’s exterior is not clean enough when a professional power-washing company can come to visit your restaurant monthly?

No business needs an inexperienced company that uses inappropriately high-water pressure to damage your signage, storefront, and even the sidewalk.

The goal is to make your restaurant’s exterior crisp and clean again, so your customers would want to come back to enjoy how clean, and great the place is.

Imagine the number of new customers drawn to your restaurant because the exterior looks so clean and fresh. There’s magic in cleanliness, and often that is the sole basis that potential new customers have when evaluating a new restaurant.

The monthly outdoor power washing of a restaurant’s exterior begins with using multiple cleaning agents to help remove the build-up of contaminants on the pavement. Concrete slabs can absorb an incredible number of pollutants, and water is insufficient to remove all residues and build-ups. A layer or initial coat of cleaning solution will be applied to the pavement and allowed to seep into the concrete to begin the cleaning process.

As the cleaning solution works, it will lift any contaminants in the concrete to the surface, and we will wash away the pollutants repeatedly until the concrete slab is restored to its former glory. Again, we will use only the appropriate pressure level for washing your concrete slab to keep your concrete looking great, month after month.

We recommend monthly power washing for various commercial establishments, not just restaurants. If you have been thinking hard about improving your restaurant’s performance, or you need to enhance how your restaurant looks from the outside, the first step is constantly cleaning the pavement.

While the pavement may be the last thing on your mind since you are always busy running the restaurant, it is one of the first things that new customers notice when they enter for the first time. As they say, first impressions do last.

If the first impression is you keep your restaurant immaculately clean all the time, people would be encouraged to visit. Anyone who passes by your restaurant will make a mental note to see who wouldn’t want to see a clean restaurant?

As a professional concrete cleaning company, we specialize in cleaning outdoor spaces, from the concrete slabs of driveways to the critical exterior spaces of commercial establishments like restaurants. We pride ourselves on precisely what different types of pavement need in terms of cleaning, and we adjust our professional cleaning methods to suit every need. We can also power-wash wooden decks and every imaginable paver material, from natural stone to marble.


Please think of us when your restaurant’s exterior needs are freshening up, as we are highly equipped to clean everything outside your restaurant. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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