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Vinyl siding has always been popular because it’s easy to install, and frankly, it’s one of the cheapest cladding materials out there. Since it’s made of vinyl, homeowners can easily maintain their vinyl sidings. However, there are some downsides.

Vinyl sidings can indeed affect the resale value of your house (for many reasons), and you cannot even paint vinyl sidings. The installation process still requires an expert’s touch, and while it may super easy, doing a shoddy job will result in bad results that will make the entire house look bad.

Vinyl siding can warp, bulge, crack and expand if improperly installed. Improper installation can also void its limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, not every contractor available has invested in the proper manufacturer certifications and training to install and maintain vinyl sidings. This area is not regulated very well.

Have a professional siding power washing contractor look at your house’s vinyl sidings every few years because issues tend to emerge just ten years after installation. Manufacturers often ‘guarantee’ that their products will last 30 years, but this is rarely the case.

Once the vinyl sidings are exposed to the environment, they begin to disintegrate, and it is common to see peeling and cracks on the surface, too.

Be careful with your pressure washer because water can accidentally enter your home through the cracks in the vinyl sidings. As the siding planks deteriorate, there’s a chance that they will break or split due to the contraction and expansion brought on by fluctuations in the environment.

Impact damage, such as a flying rock sent by a lawnmower’s blades, can also render an entire siding plank damaged. There is no practical method for patching or repairing vinyl planks. Once a siding plank is damaged, it must be removed and replaced.


Vinyl Siding Cleaning and Maintenance

Since 1995, vinyl sidings are the undisputed kings of siding materials in the US. Vinyl sidings remain the top choice for cladding material, even in the late 2010s.

The popularity of this siding material does not translate to proper knowledge of how to clean and maintain the siding plants. Since vinyl planks often reduce property value, homeowners have to be extra conscientious about keeping their siding planks clean.

The homeowner’s first typical route is DIY. There are cleaning solutions in the market that can remove molds and dirt from your planks. Streaking is an issue, so if you want to clean your vinyl sidings, you need to start from the bottom, moving gradually upward. Remember to rinse away the muck as you remove it.

The best handheld tool will either be a soft-bristled brush with a long handle. Avoid using any hard-bristled brush, as this can easily damage the vinyl siding. There are vinyl siding cleaning solutions, and these are specially formulated for quickly removing dirt and mold.

If you don’t like using chemical cleaners, you can always try essential cleaning solutions like water and vinegar (add 30% vinegar).

These essential solutions are often enough for removing light mildew stains and mold growth. Of course, this doesn’t always work, so you may have to use something more substantial, like a mixture of household cleaner, detergent, and bleach, before adding everything a gallon of water.

Mold growth is often associated with damp and dark places, but vinyl sidings can easily attract mold, too. Remember, these planks are exposed to the environment, where mold spores are abundant.

All kinds of vinyl sidings are susceptible to mold growth, including the low-maintenance ones. No matter expensive they get, they will eventually attract mold and mildew. Events like rain and exposure to sprinklers can increase the moisture content of vinyl planks and increase the probability of mold growth.

The availability of sunlight can also be a factor. Areas of the house’s exterior that don’t receive as much sunlight will be damper and darker, two of the things that molds love the most. Slow-drying planks are perfect for many types of mold. The presence of vegetation can also create shaded areas that encourage the growth of mold and mildew.


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